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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is applies to both the AppDab app and the AppDab website.

Information collected

The website has no telemetry or tracking, so no user identifiable information is collected.

The app uses telemetry and crash reporting with the privacy concius services, TelemetryDeck and Sentry. All data the user enters in the app is stored locally on the device or sent to Apple's services to update items on the user's developer account at Apple.

Subscription information

The app uses RevenueCat to facilitate the in-app purchases and handling subscriptions. When a subscription is started, RevenueCat is notified. The information sent to RevenueCat is anonymous.


In the app some security measures has been implemented to protect the user's information. For the app to communicate with Apple's services an API Key is needed. The API Key, generated on App Store Connect by the user, is stored in the Keychain of the device runnning the app. The API Key can only be read from the Keychain by the AppDab app.

Your Consent

By using our site or apps, you consent to our privacy policy.


If you have questions regarding the Privacy Policy, you may email [email protected].